You deserve a life with less suffering.

Our doors are now open in Lake Success (Nassau County), Williamsville (Buffalo-area), and Salina (Syracuse-area) to access the possibilities of cannabis-based medicine. We invite you to take your first steps with us to find the right approach for you. You are Our Vision & Mission.

Compassionate Access
People First. Always. Period.

We are driven to deliver an experience of truly being cared for to those suffering from chronic conditions and disease. We want to help patients return to a quality of life where their health, hope, and the potential for impact has been restored. Our approach ensures responsible use. We want to take care of people, protect the communities where they live, and do the right thing.

Quality & Consistency
Expect the Best.

You can expect scientific rigor throughout the cultivation, extraction, and manufacturing of our cannabis-based medicines. You can expect a relentless commitment to quality control and pharmaceutical-grade standards of our brands. You can expect professionalism and security when dealing with our employees and Patient Resource Centers. You deserve the best we have to give and we will do it consistently – again and again.

Integrity & Transparency
Our Word is Gold.

We understand that trust is earned. You will come to find that we say what we mean, and mean what we say. You will come to find that we stay true to our responsibilities: to patients, caregivers, healthcare practitioners, and the regulatory authorities of New York State. You will come to find a passion for consistency, product after product, and counsel after counsel.

Bloomfield & the Community

Bloomfield is honored to play a part in helping patients allay the suffering that eluded them before the passage of the Compassionate Care Act. The amazing gestures of gratitude keep us going! Here is how one father, a retired law enforcement officer, said thank you for the relief his 8-year old son has experienced from using one of our products. Truly, it is sweet success in Lake Success.